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Requirements for dissertation paper/Dissertation论文要求









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Dissertation obtains empirical data by searching and collecting data (mainly by quoting the published data of others and obtaining the use license). Then re-editing and re-calculating data creates new original research papers as dissertation, which are suitable for popular science papers or for the first year postgraduate study as research bases. The main requirements are as follows:

1、 Relevant empirical data sourcing from at least three published papers in the database should be cited. Among them, the empirical data sourcing from each paper shall not exceed one-third of the dissertation re-edited. Otherwise, the originality of this dissertation will be reduced;

2、 Pictures and tables are converted into each other. For example, if the result data of the cited paper is described in picture format, it must be converted into table form and placed in your own paper;

3、 Clearly quoting the source near each empirical data; you must pay for the license for data use if needed;

4、 Re-describing the results of the cited empirical data with different sentences, or re-calculating the cited empirical data with new methods, getting different results as to show your own innovation;

5、 In the discussion section of dissertation, the conclusions obtained by comparing and contrasting with other papers must be significantly different from the original cited papers to show theoretical innovation. This is very important. It is often the key difference between grade A and B.

6、  For publishing in my own common journal, a dissertation research can be divided into an original essay/propopal report (including review content) and an original research paper. The total number of words in the two papers must exceed 12 000 English words. If peer review is required (but not compulsory), a report of science and technology novelty test is also required. The average length in words of articles published in common journal must be at least double of articles in recognized kernel journal, to meet relavent requirement.  



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