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江西省诚筑环保工程有限公司(统一社会信用代码91360700343188092B)注册于2015年4月,中国赣州。本公司营业执照注册营业范围现包括:环保咨询服务,工程和技术研究和试验发展,工程管理服务,自然科学研究和试验发展,企业管理咨询。本公司致力于自然科学研发,并且与香港出版社合作,主办四本国际期刊:《环境与卫生科学杂志 (ISSN 2413-1628)》; 《生物科学杂志(ISSN2958-4035)》; 《天文与地球科学杂志(ISSN2958-4043)》; 《量子物理与材料化学杂志(ISSN2958-4027)》。2022年,本公司主办的科普网站(香港主机)平均每日接收来自不同IP地址的访问者人数达856人,访问者IP地址覆盖全球70多个国家和地区,主要来自美国、欧洲和亚洲(统计数据详见“统计数据与学术价值”网页),力争建设国际知名的研发机构。本公司现为美国Crossref学术数据库注册会员,所有论文、论著均注册了专属DOI域名,不仅可以在官方数据库检索,并且允许参与引用量学术统计。本公司基于区块链技术的科普平台已获得国家软件著作权登记,登记软件名称:诚筑环保科普平台V1.0(登记号:2023SR0297541).

Jiangxi Province ChengZhu Environmental Engineering Company Ltd was incorporated in April 2015 in Ganzhou China, with Registration NO.91360700343188092B. The currently registered business scope in business license includes: Environmental Protection Consulting Services, Reseach & Development in Engineering and Technology, Engineering Management Services, Reseach & Development in Natural Sciences, and Enterprise Management Consulting. Our company have been conducting Research & Development in natural sciences, sponsoring four international journals in cooperation with Hong Kong Publishing Company, including: <Journal of Environment and Health Science (ISSN 2413-1628)>;<Journal of Biological Sciences(ISSN2958-4035)>;<Journal of Astronomy and Earth Sciences(ISSN2958-4043)>;<Journal of Quantum Physics and Materials Chemistry(ISSN2958-4027)>. In 2022, our company's science website (Hong Kong Domain) receives a daily average of 856 visitors with different IP addresses which globally cover more than 70 countries and regions mainly from USA, Europe and Asia (Please go to the ‘statistics and academic merits’ web-page for more details), aiming to become a research institute with international reputation. Our company has become a registered membership in Crossref database in USA, and each of the article or book is registered with unique DOI prefix, which can be retrieved in official database and allowed to participate in the academic statistics in citations.  Our company's science website platform based on Block Chain Technology has obtained the National Software Copyright Registration, with registered software name: Chengzhu Environmental Protection Science Popularization Platform V1.0 (Registration NO: 2023SR0297541).

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