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Summary of hedge funds operation









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Strong stabilization signals: the several continuous confirmations (at least four times) of supportive peaks or bottoms points in a week. Shape of supportive peaks or bottoms: the first peak or bottom point must ascend or descend by more than 10 points from previous bottom or peak point; spanning 30 minutes between any of two supportive points; rebounding at least 11 points in the middle trend between two points for accurate high leverage trading tool (if just more than 10 points rebound trend in the middle, it is fine, but it is not a good chance to test, which means that there are lack of followers); + - no more than 5 points between the first two points; the third point can refer to either of previous two points, and the fourth point can refer to any of previous three points .... Selling above or buying below this strong stabilization level is the trading methods for both AUD/JPY and CAD/CHF. For the strong stabilization of peaks signals, the stabilization trend starts descending from or above the strong peaks level; for the strong stabilization of bottoms signals, stabilization trends starts ascending from or below the strong bottom level. The stabilization trends would be multiple ones, and the cumulative trends aross this stabilization signals is at least 80 points (usually more than 120 points) in total. AUD/JPY is better for cash trading than CAD/CHF; however, CAD/CHF is more stable in terms of less float deficit for high leverages. The stabilization resilience of CAD/CHF is at least 1% for the strong stabilization signals. For example, there are usually two stabilization trends, each of which is at least 0.5%. The min bonus points for both hedge currency pairs is more than 150 points for middle term trading, and the optimal affordable float deficit is set to be 200 points with Max deficit of 400 points in high leverages account. However, if there are strong stabilization levels of both peaks and bottoms concurrently, and the peaks level is more than 200 points apart to the bottoms level, it is better to set up selling or buying orders when the long main or short main target is finished correspondingly. In this situation, testing of supportive peaks or bottoms is taken manually by steps and steps (if the lowest bottom or highest peak is not sealed by two bottoms or peaks, the second lowest two bottoms or highest two peaks is tested instead), and this is vital for money safe in case of extremely 'collapsed' events like 03/01/2019. At the same price level, the first two supportive peaks or bottoms are tested daily with bonus target of 10 points descending or ascending from the second peak or bottom point when the trend goes smoothly without impact news. This daily testing increases trading volumes in high leverages to reduce trading costs. No more than 30% of total initial capitals is advised to trade in high leverages account, and each currency pair is allocated 15% initial capitals, but compounds interest rate is used in this capital appreciation.  
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