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Intellectual Property Investment and Asset Evaluation知识产权投资与资产评估

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Revised on 28/04/2023.

Operating Research & Development CenterMy first job after graduation was in the R & D center of a water group in Shenzhen. Since then, I have been paying attention to the news of R & D centers of various high-tech enterprises. Now I express my personal views on intellectual property investment and intangible assets evaluation for high-tech enterprises: before intangible assets evaluation, it is necessary to explain the purpose of value evaluation. The general main purposes are transfer dealing, equity injection (including listing financing) and intellectual property mortgage loan. Among them, the highest value must be the second one, equity injection (including listing financing). For example, if an enterprise wants to be listed as a high-tech sector in publicly traded market, it must exceed the minimum proportion of R & D funds to meet the requirements; Or in order to apply for the national high-tech enterprise certification, the proportion of R & D funds must also have the minimum requirements in order to be qualified. After applying for high-tech enterprises, the government can give higher economic returns to science and technology R & D business in terms of tax returns or government subsidies. Even for the small enterprises which do not set the goal of listing financing or applying for high-tech enterprises, such intellectual property rights are also one of the common three ways of paying for the registered capital of the company. In China, the common ways paid in capital of limited liability companies includes currency, in kind and intellectual property. In other words, all the human resources paid in registered capital must be in the form of intellectual property rights in China. Under this policy background, it is normal for high-tech enterprises to invest in intangible assets (intellectual property rights), and this investment can be the technology strategic reserve with potential application value, not necessarily a technology that must be applied at current stage. Among them, the science and technology policy clearly supports enterprises to engage in foundation research, and my academic paper must belong to foundation research.Comparing the scientific research outcomings: Academic papers + Invention patents V.S. invention patents only: In addition to the technical documents of invention patent (confidential), the advantages of writing academic papers based on un-confidential technical documents:
[*]To compare and analyze the invention patents of our company with other competitors' technologies, and objectively obtain the advantages and disadvantages of the invention patents of the company, but it is not allowed to depreciate your competitors; Academic papers are different from commercial advertisements. Commercial advertisements can not compare other competitors' technologies with the advantages of our company's invention patents, restricted by advertisement act;
[*]To clarify the scientific principle/theory of the invention patent to make the invention technology more convinciable; If the scientific principle/theory utilized is unique and novel, academic article promotion is essential to establish the new standards in this industry;
[*]To fully utilize the limited scientific and technological resources to create more intellectual properties. Copyright can also be used for the increase of equity shares and for bank loan after asset evaluation.
[*]According to the intangible assets evaluation and the credit loan policy for science and technology enterprises supported by the Provincial Department of science and technology, software copyright can enjoy more value than other forms of copyright. Therefore, all the academic papers must be accessible online in full text + original computing code in the website management platform, applying for software copyright register in order to obtain more policy support.

The above R & D outcoming is only used for the purpose of enterprise self-use, so as to obtain rich economic returns through various policies (listing and financing of high-tech enterprises, credit loan specifically for Science & Technology company, tax return, government subsidies, etc.), and can not be used for the purpose of transferring transactions to third parties. If it is for the purpose of transfer transaction, the intellectual property investor is more likely to be a loser. For example, I once saw the news that Jinli mobile phone fail in auctioning patent rights in bankruptcy liquidation; For example, my scientific research papers are just like this. If the popular science papers I create are transferred to other journals or commercial issuing, I may earn a little incoming (the income may be salary or copyright trading/lisencing income in this case). However, if I invest in the design of a website for global promotion on behalf of my own company use, the value may be much higher than the salary or copyright trading/lisencing income.

修改于2023/04/28.译文:我毕业之后第一份工作是在深圳一家水务集团研发中心工作,之后也一直关注各大高科技企业研发中心的新闻,现针对高科技企业知识产权投资与无形资产评估发表个人观点:在无形资产评估之前,必须要说明价值评估的目的,一般主要用途目的有转让交易、股本注资(含上市融资)、知识产权抵押贷款三种目的。其中价值最高的一定是第二种,股本注资(含上市融资)。比如如果企业要作为高科技板块上市,必须在研发经费的比例超过最低限额才能满足要求;或者是企业为了申请国家高新企业认证,研发经费的比例也必须有最低要求,才能有资格。申请了高新企业之后,政府可以在税收优惠和政府奖励补贴方面给予科技研发业务较高的经济回报。即使是中小企业,没有上市融资或是申请高新企业的目标,这类知识产权也是公司注册资本实缴的三种常见方式之一。在我国有限责任公司的实缴资本的常见方式是货币、实物、知识产权。也就是说,所有人力资源实缴注册资本都必须是以知识产权的方式。在这种政策背景下,高科技企业从事无形资产(知识产权)的投资是很正常的,而且这种投资可以是有潜在应用价值的技术战略储备,不一定是现阶段必须要应用的技术。其中科技政策中明确支持企业从事基础研究,我的学术论文一定属于基础研究。对比科研成果形式:撰写学术论文+发明专利 VS 仅发明专利的区别: 在发明专利(保密)技术文件之外,把非密技术文件(比如新产品、新工艺的技术特点)撰写成学术论文的优点:


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