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Statistics in Web-Visits and Academic Merits

Table. Visit Statistics Indicating Academic Merits (Updated on 2022/09/18, Statistics starting from 2020/01/01).

Web-pages Visited
Visitors by Different IP AddressVisiting Times

Visits57 822 764674 1162 799 832

The majority of visitor IP distributions is from USA and European Countries, showing the global distribution of our visitors with more than 60 000 registered members in our online forum; The official statistics in visiting this website can be viewed here: Awstats (You may need to click it by several times to open this internal webpage due to limited web traffic). The websites used in this HK domain include: environmental-physiology-research.hk ; natural-foundation-science.org

访问量57 822 764674 1162 799 832

访问者IP地址主要分布在美国与欧洲国家,显示了我们的访问者遍布全球,目前我们的在线论坛拥有超过6万名注册会员。本网站访问量统计数据查询官网:Awstats(可能需要点击多次才能打开此内部网页,由于网站流量限制)。本香港主机网站所使用网址包括:environmental-physiology-research.hk ; natural-foundation-science.org
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