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Summarized viewpoints on epidemiology

This journal article is previously published as: Liu Huan. (2021). Article 16. Summarized Daily Notes on Epidemiology. Journal of Environment and Health Science (ISSN 2314-1628), 2021(06)., which is converted into Journal of Biological Sciences (ISSN 2958-4035). Both Journals belong to the same publisher, Liu Huan. The previous journal article is closed to the public, but the previous reference is still valid.

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Article 12. Summarized Daily Notes on Epidemiology

Author: Liu Huan(1983-), Master of Science (First Class Honours), The University of Auckland.

This article summarized the daily notes on epidemiology, discussing the reasons resulting in acute, pathogenic and epidemic diseases caused by airborne pathogens.

Natural conservation contributes to the prevention of epidemic virus from breaking out, because there are more diversity in natural microbes which compete with this epidemic virus within the community of the same ecological niche, reducing epidemic events. The mono-strain of microbes increases epidemic risks. From above viewpoint, the broad scope and large scale of epidemic virus, which exceeds the historic epidemic events in the past, reflect that the biodiversity decreases in natural microbe community. Specifically urban biodiversity conservation is mostly closed to the human health (Firstly published on 02/04/2020).

The formation of population immunology should be explored from the establishment of individual immunity. For epidemiology disease, one of the
pre-conditions for individual immunity should be established by the presence of pathogen biodiversity in the host ecosystem. Before the outbreak of an invasive and epidemic strain of infectious pathogens, if individuals of host species have been infected by its relatives’ pathogen strains, leading to the establishment of immunity, and this sub-population of relatives’ strains is less pathogenic and epidemic than the more infectious strains, then the outbreak of the more infectious pathogens can certainly be prevented, as population immunology would be formed before. However, if the outbreak of epidemic pathogens occurs very suddenly, it may be reflected as the invasive strain status in the host/receptor’s living ecosystem without any biodiversity in virus community (Firstly published on 27/04/2020).

Then, the pathogenesis of epidemic pathogens is analyzed by the specificity of invasion-host interactions. In most cases, epidemic disease only infects a proportion of host population, and the other proportion is of resistance against the pathogens due to the specificity in population genetics between invasive pathogen and host species. However, the non-selective infections by an invasive strain of pathogens would be expressed as the deletion of specificity in invasion – host interactions between population genetics, further revealing that the previous/original host species of this invasive strain of pathogens has apparent genetic distance to the secondary host species invaded by this epidemic strain of pathogens, so that the effective antibiotic substances of immunity is the enzymes synthesized by the allogenetic chromosomes of an original host species with long genetic distance to the genomes of the secondary host species invaded. Consequently, the inoculation of allogenetic enzymes would not be promising. The absences in the above two pre-conditions reveals that the population immunology formation in the secondary host species invaded would not be realistic, so that the isolation remedy of infected receptors is the only reliable measure to resolve the outbreak of invasive and epidemic pathogens (Firstly published on 27/04/2020).

Recently, I have read the biochemical characteristics in some News reports about new drugs, and presented the following academic viewpoints: in the previous academic paper of metabolomics, it is proposed that the selection of isozymes as the indicative biochemical molecules for pathological analysis leads to better correlation with its phenotype characteristics, which is more stable and less environmental sensitive in the long-term as compared with other biochemical indicators. If medicines research chooses mRNA or tRNA as biochemical indicator, it is not expected to show a long-term stable and positive correlation to the eventual phenotype of antibody against virus, which is susceptible to environmental condition changes (such as diet and physiological work-rest timetable may significantly influence the results of bio-tests on mRNA), and this is especially important for the analysis of immunology generated by vaccine inoculation. The vaccine produced on the basis of the later indicator is similar to biochemical medicines only, which plays the role in remedy in the short term.译文:最近看了一些关于新药的新闻报道的特征描述,提出以下学术观点:本文在之前学术论文《新陈代谢组学》中一直提出使用同工酶最为指示性生化指标对病理进行分析才保证其长期稳定、可靠的表现型特征,不容易受制于环境条件的影响。如果是选用 mRNA 或是 tRNA 作为指示性生化分子,在此基础上对最终表现出来的抗体是否呈现阳性进行相关性分析,不会有长期稳定的正相关特性,而且容易受制于环境条件的影响(比如测试前期的饮食、生理作息时间等也可能会对mRNA 测试结果产生显著影响)。这对于疫苗抗体的有效性分析尤其重要。因此这类疫苗抗体仅仅类似于西药,产生短期治疗效果。(published on 21/12/2020).

It is reported that the epidemiological virus more frequently breaks out during cold winter seasons. This would be attributed to the dormant nature of this virus population when the virus adhere to the aerosol exposed to the cold weather. When the weather turns to be warmer, this dormant characteristics does not show again on the virus, which shortens the survival time after the virus leave host cells. Consequently, it is important to increase the disinfection measures during cold weather especially in the indoor air (Published on 27/12/2021).

On 12/12/2022, it is reported that the pathological characteristics of patients infected by epidemiological virus (such as COVID) in North city of China is more severe than the pathological characteristics diagnosed in the South city of China. This evidence would further support the causing factors related to dormant nature of such epidemiological virus discussed above. Under colder weather in North city, the dormant nature of virus would enhance the vitality of pathogen so that pathogen increases its pathogenicity, which agrees with the nature Law that creatures (virus, bacteria, or plants ....) would show higher and more sustainable vitality when they are cultivated under adverse conditions. It is also frequently reported that epidemiological diseases break out in agriculture plants after extreme weather conditions.   

This journal article is previously published as: Liu Huan. (2021). Article 16. Summarized Daily Notes on Epidemiology. Journal of Environment and Health Science (ISSN 2314-1628), 2021(06)., which is converted into Journal of Biological Sciences (ISSN 2958-4035). Both Journals belong to the same publisher, Liu Huan. The previous journal article is closed to the public, but the previous reference is still valid. Latest revised on 24/04/2023; 30/05/2023.

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