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Metabolomics (4-6):Metebolomics and Immunology Cultivation/新陈代谢组学之4-6

This is the article 10-6 in the theme 'Environmental Physiology/环境生理学' of Journal of Environment and Health Science.

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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.20149.96483

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Article 10-6. The Parameterization of Time-varying Electromagnetic Field for Biophysics Simulation/生物物理模拟实验中时变电磁场参数的确定方法 Author: Liu Huan (1983-), Master of Science (First Class Honours), The University of Auckland.
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Method:This section presents a novel method to determine the parameters of time-varying electromagnetic field, on the basis of ‘Skin Effect’ equations in combination with ‘Maxwell’ equations:1.Skin effect equations:I (t)= √2 I sin (wt); w = 2πf ; 2.Maxwell's equations:I (t)= j H (t)S = I (t) * H (t) I is the effective intensity of electric field, t is the varying time, w is the angular frequency (rad/s), f is the frequency, H is the intensity of magnetic field, j is the conductivity, and S is the energy of wave (or the electromagnetic wave intensity) . The determination of biophysical training method is presented for parameter f and S in other articles of this journal. In this situation, the rhythm of electromagnetic wave in terms of intensity and frequency fluctuates around 3 times earth electromagnetic field and sunshine frequency respectively. Obviously, the intensity of I also determines the amplitude of waves. The intensity of electromagnetic waves is determined by both parameter I and j. This is important for cells to recognize the bio-signals. Discussion:As discussed in previous article, it is deduced that the biochemistry dynamics of the first three isozyme families, which show the highest variation by PCA, determines the conclusion of the whole biochemistry dynamics in this research. Consequently, three different and dominant frequencies of electromagnetic wave are applied concurrently on this biophysical training of host cells for enhancing immunology, which requires three emitters (or launchers) of electromagnetic wave to work concurrently. However, the receptors (or cells) of electromagnetic wave can NOT identify more than three different and dominant frequencies of electromagnetic wave concurrently (This is the environmental pollution of electromagnetic wave), which is similar to the limitation of three spatial dimensions in direct perception capacity of human species (The cell is not so clever to deduce the equations at more than three dimensions like me!). Additionally, the significance of each dominant frequency must be different rather than even significance in PCA analysis. Pathogen ‘army’ behaves as camouflage, ambush, or other intelligence strategy for invasion, and host cells need to defend punctually and effectively by training for survival (host cells adjust their skills by themselves on the basis of biophysical learning during this ‘war’ until invasive enemy dies) --- this is the evolutionary physiology of environmental adaptiveness, the foundation subject of environmental science.
This is the revised materials in book “Proceedings for Degree of Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Science (3rd Edition).” Published in 2016. The ‘chapter’ content mentioned in this article is in previous book. Firstly Revised on 05/01/2021; Secondly Revised on 10/02/2021. Reference: 注册环保工程师专业考试复习教材(2009). 第二分册. 中国环境科学出版社. ISBN:978-7-5111-0505-9.

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