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Biotic Chemistry V.S. Abiotic Chemistry/有生命化学反应与无生命化学反应

This is the article 7 in the theme 'Material & Physical Chemistry/材料与物理化学' of Journal of Environment and Health Science (ISSN 2413-1628).

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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.31474.58563

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Article 7. Biochemistry in a ‘life’ cell V.S. Abiotic Chemistry Reaction/一个生命细胞中的生物化学反应与无生命的化学反应

Author: Liu Huan(1983- ), Master of Science (First Class Honours), The University of Auckland.

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As discussed before, only once molecule A and molecule B collides at specific intersection angle (or angles) of spacial magnetism curves between two molecule A and B, chemistry reaction occurs. The molecular structure of both bio-molecule (such as DNA or RNA) and abiotic molecules can be changed by external electromagnetic waves. However, both change is not identical. External electromagnetic waves is perceived by cells or virus firstly, and then cells change the molecule structure of DNA (or RNA) actively through cell division process. In comparison, abiotic molecules is change by external electromagnetic waves passively or destructively. Consequently, abiotic molecules usually require higher intensity of electromagnetic waves to make changes than biotic molecules. For example, the required intensity of electromagnetic waves must be higher to break the chemical bond of ‘dead’ DNA molecule than the ‘living’ DNA molecule in cell.

Why does this difference occur? Because a living cell is able to identify or recognize the molecular structure of chemical molecule, so that cell actively and selectively binds different molecules at specific intersection angle (or angles) of spacial magnetism curves between them to make chemistry reaction happen, rather than making different molecules collide each other randomly as abiotic chemistry reaction. The ‘living’ organ utilizes bio-energy to drive chemistry reactions, emitting bio-electromagnetic waves, called life signals; whereas the abiotic chemistry reactions uses inner energy to drive or initiate.

Consequently, the biochemistry composition of molecules is not the only consideration for cell to digest, but also the molecular structure of molecules which can be identified or recognized by cell. This provides the study focus for bio-synthesis in future!

Table 1. Comparison between biotic chemistry reaction and abiotic chemistry reaction.
Biotic Chemistry ReactionAbiotic Chemistry Reaction
Energy Driven       Bio - Energy   Inner or Thermal Energy
Temperature to Break Chemical Bonds    Ordinary Temperature   Heated Temperature
Collision between MoleculesSelective Collisions by IntelligenceRandom Collisions between Molecules
Bio-SignalsRequired            Yes            No

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