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Molecular ‘Revolution’ Motion in Materials/分子‘公转’运动与材料的分子特性

This is the article 3 in the theme 'Material & Physical Chemistry/材料与物理化学' of Journal of Environment and Health Science (ISSN 2413-1628).

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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.11341.92645

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Article 3. Molecular Attributes of ‘Revolution’ Motion in Materials/分子‘公转’运动与材料的分子特性

Author: Liu Huan (1983 - ), Master of Science (First Class Honours), The University of Auckland.

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In the previous paper, the magnetic line on the fourth dimension axis is introduced to reveal the generation of universal gravitation. At present, the academic viewpoints are supplemented and modified as: atom is the most primitive material form of elementary particles; in our three-dimensional space, the motion model of elementary particles in atom can be simplified as the rotation of electrons around the nucleus, and the nuclei and electrons are the negative and positive poles of matter's magnetic properties; at the same time, the magnetic line on the fourth dimension axis is perpendicular to the three-dimensional space. These elementary particles cut along the magnetic line of on the fourth dimensional axis, thus generating electric charges. The existence of the electromagnetic induction theorem is the original driving force for electrons to rotate around the nucleus; for molecules with poly-atomic aggregation form, in the previous discussion, the dark matter on the fourth dimensional axis as an energy binder polymerizes mono-atomic matter, which makes the cutting motion on magnetic lines of the fourth axis, leading to ‘the revolution movement’. Similarly, the matter in molecular structure makes "revolution" around the geometric center of the magnetic mass line; by analogy, the original driving force of the earth's rotation and the revolution of other galaxies are generated by the electromagnetic induction theorem when the material properties of Yin and Yang poles in three-dimensional space are cutting the fourth dimensional magnetic line. Further more, the more asymmetric for the spatial distribution of electric charges in molecules, the higher the overall polarity, so that the angular velocity of molecules is faster and consequently the chemistry reaction is more active; moreover, the higher the ratio of total mass to total charge (M / E) in molecules, the slower the angular velocity of molecules, so the chemistry reaction is less active. This also provides the basis for the optimization of synthetic structure of polymers by 3D simulation of molecule movement.

Further discussion: compared with the electron, the radius between the proton and the rotation center in the nucleus is shorter, and the rotation speed is higher, so the energy flow intensity of electromagnetic wave is higher, and the transmission speed of electromagnetic wave is faster. It has been discussed in my previous paper that the refraction or diffraction of light is caused by the interference influences between the magnetic field on the obstacle surface and the polarity of light wave, which is different from mechanical wave. Therefore, different characteristics of materials generates different light refraction or diffraction angles. This is also applicable on the other frequencies of electromagnetic wave, which has been deeply discussed in atom and quantum mechanics theme of this journal. These findings provide basic characters for the synthesis of new materials.



This is the revised materials in book “Proceedings for Degree of Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Science (3rd Edition).” published in 2016. Revised on 31/12/2020.

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