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Electricity and Electron orbits/电流与电子轨道

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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.28958.00329

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Article 1. Electricity and Stability of Electron orbits in Atom/电流与原子中电子运动轨道的稳定性
Author: Liu Huan(1983- ), Master of Science (First Class Honours), The University of Auckland.

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The real nature of electricity is the fluids or pulse of electromagnetic waves, rather than electron movement across atoms in conductor materials(otherwise, there will be a large number of positively charged protons bursting out at high speed, so that all electric conductors are the same as radioactive elements, which is obviously out of date). Consequently, the conductivity of different conductor materials, calculated by the same conditions, reveals the stability of electron orbits in atom. The higher conductivity, the less stable for electron orbits. The pulse of electromagnetic waves indicates that the electrons across different atoms fluctuate concurrently along the same direction. Consequently, the less stable for electron orbits, the easier fluctuation movement. The less symmetry of molecule structure, the more conductivity (more free electrons). For example, in the graphite structure unit within which each carbon atom combines with other carbon atoms by forming three covalent bonds , still leaving one free electron as the conductor of charge. For example, C60 is the highly symmetric form in space under normal conditions so that it is not the electric conductor. Once metal atom is synthesized into C60 to alter its symmetry of spatial structure, which leads to the unpaired electrons orbits, superconductivity occurs. This is the revised materials in book “Proceedings for Degree of Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Science (3rd Edition).” published in 2016. Revised on 28/12/2020. References: 搜狗百科,共享百科全书/Sogou Baike, Creative Commons.

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