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'Hot Spots' in Climate Changes/气候变化的‘热点’

This is the article 5 in the theme 'Astronomy and Earth Science/天体与地球科学' of Journal of Environment and Health Science (ISSN 2413-1628).

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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.18891.67367

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Article 5. Why does Ocean between NZ and Australia a Climate Change "Hot spot" in Climate Change?/为什么新西兰与澳大利亚之间的海洋成为了气候变化的热点问题?

Author: Liu Huan, MSc (First Class Honous), The University of Auckland

Firstly, the ozone depletion leads to higher radiation of UV-B in this region; Secondly, the ocean current in this region is the vortex form so that heat can be hardly transferred into other ocean area; thirdly, there would be more oceanic volcano in this regions than other regions, indicating more geothermal energy in this area.

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A public class from Jamie Morton, School of Environment. 2016. The University of Auckland.

Published after graduation on 05/09/2016; Firstly revised on 01/01/2021; Secondly revised on 05/06/2021.

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How is climate change measured?

In my opinion, the indicators to measure climate change include firstly the intensity of sunlight, then the intensity ratio of various frequencies of sunlight, and finally the air temperature. If only the air temperature is high, it will not cause severe impact, just like the sauna. It can be seen from the increase of the intensity of the sunlight and the increase of the intensity ratio of the ultraviolet frequency that the solar celestial body is going for expansion and exhaustion.

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