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The Magnetism and The Driving Force of Celestial Rotation/磁场与天体旋转源动力

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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.20569.39525

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Article 3: The magnetism across time-spaces and the driving force of celestial rotation/磁场的时空穿越与天体旋转原动力
Author: Liu Huan(1983-), Master of Science (First Class Honours), The University of Auckland.
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1. The magnetism along the fourth dimension axis Atom is the most primitive material form of elementary particles; in our three-dimensional space, the motion model of elementary particles in atom can be simplified as the rotation of electrons around the nucleus, and the nuclei and electrons are the negative and positive poles of matter's magnetic properties; at the same time, the magnetic line on the fourth dimension axis is perpendicular to the three-dimensional space. These elementary particles cut along the magnetic line of on the fourth dimensional axis, thus generating electric charges. The existence of the electromagnetic induction theorem is the original driving force for electrons to rotate around the nucleus; for molecules with poly-atomic aggregation form, in the previous discussion, the dark matter on the fourth dimensional axis as an energy binder polymerizes mono-atomic matter, which makes the cutting motion on magnetic lines of the fourth axis, leading to ‘the revolution movement’. Similarly, the matter in molecular structure makes "revolution" around the geometric center of the magnetic mass line; by analogy, the original driving force of the earth's rotation and the revolution of other galaxies are generated by the electromagnetic induction theorem when the material properties of Yin and Yang poles in three-dimensional space are cutting the fourth dimensional magnetic line. Therefore, the more asymmetric for the spatial distribution of electric charges in celestial galaxies, the higher the overall polarity, so that the angular velocity of celestial rotation is faster; moreover, the higher the ratio of total mass to total charge (M / E) in celestial galaxies, the slower the angular velocity of celestial rotation. Therefore, within the aster of highest mass (such as black holes), even the most basic electromagnetic waves in the universe, light waves, can be hardly observed, indicating that there is almost no rotational force.

Another viewpoint proposed by this article is that this article can NOT agree with that the phenomenon that heavy mass objects curve spacetime (or time-space) can be observed in this time-space. The similar phenomenon observed by us can be explained by the diffraction of light. 原子是基本粒子最原始的物质形态;我们所在的三维空间中,原子中的基本粒子运动模型可以简化为电子围绕原子核做自转运动,原子核与电子为物质磁场属性的阴阳两极;与此同时,第四维度轴上的磁力线与三维空间垂直,阴阳两极基本粒子在第四维度轴的磁力线上做切割运动,从而产生了电荷。电磁感应定理的存在,是电子围绕原子核做自转运动的原始驱动力;对于多原子物质聚合形态的分子,在此前论述中,在第四维度轴上的暗物质作为能量粘合剂聚合了单原子物质,使得三维空间分子结构中的阴阳极性在第四维度轴上的磁力线的切割运动,进行着“公转”运动。相似的,分子结构中的物质围绕整体质量磁力线的几何中心做“公转”运动;余此类推,地球自转和其它星系公转运动的原始推动力,都是三维空间中的阴阳两极物质属性与第四维度磁力线做切割运动时电磁感应定理产生。因此,天体星系中电荷空间分布越不对称,整体极性越高,天体旋转角速度越快;不仅如此,天体星系中的总质量与总体电荷量的比值(M/E)越高,天体旋转角速度越慢。所以质量最大的天体(比如黑洞)中,连宇宙中最基本的电磁波,光波都无法显示,说明几乎无旋转动力。 本文提出的另一个观点是,本文不同意在我们这个三维时空中可以观察到重质量物体扭曲时空的现象。我们观察到的类似现象可以用光的衍射来解释。
This is the revised materials in book “Proceedings for Degree of Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Science (3rd Edition).” published in 2016. Secondly Revised on 30/12/2020. Thirdly Revised on 25/01/2022.    References: 搜狗百科,共享百科全书/Sogou Baike, Creative Commons.

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