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Materials, Relativity and Attributes of Philosophy/物质、相对论与哲学属性

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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.13858.50880

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Article 1: The materials, relativity and its philosophy attributes/物质、相对论、与哲学属性

Author: Liu Huan(1983-), Master of Science (First Class Honours), The University of Auckland.
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1.The attributes of materials and fourth dimension time-space
There are three first attributes of materials: mass, energy and magnetism;the other attributes such as movement or electric charges are secondary attributes caused by the first attributes. For example, A = 1/a, When parameter ‘a’ turns to be zero, A is infinity, which is unmeasurable by us; in comparison, B = (1/a)/(2/a), when parameter ‘a’ turns to be zero, B = 0.5, which is measurable by us due to the relative value between denominator and numerator. This is the basis understanding of relativity. In this article, the time-space observed by us is at three dimensions and is just a point on the axis in the fourth dimension space. However, there are the other time-spaces (or points), which can not be observed by us but are NOT independent of our time-space observed by us, along this fourth dimension axis of the universe. According to the relativity proposed by Einstein, once materials reach the velocity of photon, time goes back. However, this article does not agree with this viewpoint! This three dimension time-space, which is being observed by us, is just traveling along the fourth axis, the time axis in the universe. Once the three attributes are defined, then the absolute vacuum in the universe is defined as the condition ‘no mass, no energy, no life signals,’ which is infinite in the universe.
'Three Laws of Newton' only suits for this three dimension time-space observed by us. However, the movement of materials in this time-space also meets the movement law (the fourth law) which is relative against other time-spaces on the time axis of the universe which can not be observed by us, that's why this time-space observed by us is expanding and all the stars are moving away from earth! (If sufficient data is available, equations of the fourth law can be deduced). The fourth movement law across different time-spaces would be determined by this magnetic nature, which explains the movement rhythm above more reasonably. It is noted that the the galaxy as a whole must have both negative and positive poles as well!
2. Energy, Mass and light velocity
Light speed is defined as the transmission velocity of photon in vacuum condition in the dictionary, which obviously is an ideal conception. However, there is another materials in the universe, called as magnetism which reaches infinite transmission velocity in the fourth dimension time-space and is the only materials that is able to transfer across different time-space in the fourth axis. Quantum photons are defined as the first element particles in this time-space. Quantum photons conduct cutting movement along the fourth dimension magnetism, creating light waves and other frequencies of electromagnetic wave. The other element particles (such as protons or electrons) in atoms are synthesized by the first element particles - quantum photons.   
In the metabolic process of soft organism, bio-energy is converted between different frequencies, thus creating new energy, which does not obey the energy conservation law (the previous energy conservation Law is based on the conclusion of the conversion of abiotic energy). In this article, the mass is absorbed by black holes in our time-space, but is increasingly injected into our time-space by white holes, increasing the total mass in our time-space, so that the expansion of our time-space is keeping balance. This process is defined as ‘metabolism’ in our time-space.
More over, because our three-dimension space is curved sphere, all the remote objects observed by us are the enlarged images due to the magnifier effects, so the astro-observation data have to be corrected. The electromagnetic wave transmission speed (such as light speed) varies between different magnetism fields (NOT constant), which leads to significant effects on the astro-observation data. These two effects require corrections of data received by astronomy observations. Otherwise it is too different significantly from the real data. This has been further discussed in atom and quantum mechanics theme of this journal.
This is the revised materials in book “Proceedings for Degree of Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Science (3rd Edition).” published in 2016. Revised on 30/12/2020.
References: 搜狗百科,共享百科全书/Sogou Baike, Creative Commons.

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